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This is a typical market day scene and some Hiligaynon words associated to the market.

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a-YO^ / wa-LA^ a-YO^: haggle/ask for a discount

pi-LA? / tag-pi-LA? : how much?


Joan Honoridez worked as a Court Interpreter before she was promoted to Court Legal Researcher at the Hall of Justice, Bacolod City.

She is also an artist and a writer.

Having been an interpreter of the technical legal English to the common Bacolod court users and seeing the lack of an official English-Hiligaynon/Hiligaynon-English dictionary with correct pronunciation, it is her dream to create one for the preservation of her native dialect.

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bus:  BAS

jeepney:  JIP / DYIP / RAWND-trip / de pa-SA-he

tricycle:  TRAY-si-kol

pedicab:  tray-SI-kad

taxi:  TAK-si / PI-yu

vehicle (in general):  sa-LAK-yan

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a-GAY! :  ouch!

AY! :  expression of surprise

AY, a-HAY! / AY A-hay! – expression of pity or dismay

AY, NA-no? :  literally, “huh, what happened?”; expression of surprise at the result of an unexpected or wrong decision

a-YOS! :  alright!

am-BOT? : I don’t know. (innocently)

am-BOT! :  I don’t know! (condescendingly)

ba-LA :  asserting or agreeing with something ; allegedly

da-SON? :  then? / next?

ga-LI^? :  really?

GID / GUID (pronounced GID):  indeed

ha-LA! :  oh! / hullo!

HAM-ot:  amused

HOY! : hey! (considered impolite; the polite way is to address a person by his name or nickname)

HU-o:  yes

HU-o ba-LA:  yes, really / allegedly, yes

HU-o GID:  yes, indeed

IN-di^ ba-LA:  allegedly, no

IN-di^ GID:  no, indeed;  never

ka-NA-mi^:  so nice

TA-pos! :  (it’s) the end! / i’m doomed!

TI^? :  so? / and then?

This is your virtual Bacolod e-guide.  Take a look at some of the useful tips to get you in and around the City of Smiles.  Start by wearing a smile yourself. 😉

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Rainy:   u-LAn / ma-U-lan

Wet:  ba-SA^

Hot/sunny:  i-NIT

Humid:  GIN-ot

Cloudy:  gal-OM / ma-gu-lo-GAL-om

Pronunciation guide for some words pertaining to early morning.

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Morning/day:  A-ga

Noon:  UG-to

Afternoon:  HA-pon

Night/evening:  GAB-i

One o’clock:  A-la U-na

Two o’clock:  A-las DOS

Three o’clock:  A-las TRES

Four o’clock:  A-las KWAT-ro

Five o’clock:  A-las SING-ko

Six o’clock:  A-las SAYS

Seven o’clock:  A-las SYE-te

Eight o’clock:  A-las OT-so

Nine o’clock:  A-las NWE-be

Ten o’clock:  A-las DYES

Eleven o’clock:  A-las ON-se

Twelve o’clock:  A-las DO-se

… in the morning:  sang A-ga

… in the afternooon:  sang HA-pon

… in the evening:  sang GAB-i

midnight: TU-ngang GAB-i

early morning:  ka-a-GA-hon

afternoontime:  ka-ha-pu-NA-non

nigttime:   ka-gab-I-hon