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BU-raw:  woke up late

ta-li-AM-bong:  art

tu-YAW:  enchanted / bewitched

This is how to pronounce taliambong and what it means.


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Angry:  a-KIG

Cold:  tug-NAW / gi-na-TUG-na-wan

Exasperated:  ga-UG-tas / ga-la-LA-in

Happy:  na-LI-pay / na-SAD-ya-han

Hot:  na-i-NI-tan

Hungry:  gu-TOM

Itchy:  ka-TOL

Longing:  na-HID-law

Nervous:  gi-na-KUL-ba-an

Rested:  na-ka-pa-HU-way

Sad:  su-BO^

Sweating:  gi-na-BAL-has / gi-na-pa-ma-HU-lay

Thankful:  na-ga-pa-sa-LA-mat

Tired:  ka-POY / KA-poy

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Sweet:  TAM-is

Sour:  AS-lom

Salty:  a-SIN

Bitter:  pa-IT

Umami:  na-NAM

Bland:  LAS-ay

Tasteless:  wa-LA^ sa-BOR

Flavorful:  sa-bo-RO-so

Delicious:  NA-mit

Very delicious:  na-mit-NA-mit

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East:  na-SID-la-kan

West:  na-TUNG-dan

North:  NOR-te

South:  SUR

Mountainward:  na-bu-KID

Seaward:  na-bay-BAY

Far:  la-YO^

Very far:  la-YO^-LA-yo^

Near:  la-PIT

Very near:  la-PIT-LA-pit

Right:  TU-o

Left:  wa-LA^

Front:  a-TU-bang

Back:  li-KOD

Straight:  di-RET-so

Turn:  li-KO^

Turnabout:  ba-LIK

Turnaround:  LI-bot

Circuitous:  li-KO^-LI-ko^

Lost:  DU-la^ / na-DU-la^

Knows the way:  ka-TUL-tol

This is how it works in an actual ride on the jeepney, bus and tricycle.

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Fare:  PLE-te

Pay:  BA-yad

Please:  pa-LI-hog

Pull over (corner):  BANG-ga^ lang

Pull over (curb):  lu-GAR lang

Ride:  sa-KAY

This is a typical market day scene and some Hiligaynon words associated to the market.

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a-YO^ / wa-LA^ a-YO^: haggle/ask for a discount

pi-LA? / tag-pi-LA? : how much?

Joan Honoridez worked as a Court Interpreter before she was promoted to Court Legal Researcher at the Hall of Justice, Bacolod City.

She is also an artist and a writer.

Having been an interpreter of the technical legal English to the common Bacolod court users and seeing the lack of an official English-Hiligaynon/Hiligaynon-English dictionary with correct pronunciation, it is her dream to create one for the preservation of her native dialect.