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Conversational Ilonggo: Time of the Day

Posted on: September 12, 2009

Pronunciation guide for some words pertaining to early morning.

(Click here for pronunciation guide.)

Morning/day:  A-ga

Noon:  UG-to

Afternoon:  HA-pon

Night/evening:  GAB-i

One o’clock:  A-la U-na

Two o’clock:  A-las DOS

Three o’clock:  A-las TRES

Four o’clock:  A-las KWAT-ro

Five o’clock:  A-las SING-ko

Six o’clock:  A-las SAYS

Seven o’clock:  A-las SYE-te

Eight o’clock:  A-las OT-so

Nine o’clock:  A-las NWE-be

Ten o’clock:  A-las DYES

Eleven o’clock:  A-las ON-se

Twelve o’clock:  A-las DO-se

… in the morning:  sang A-ga

… in the afternooon:  sang HA-pon

… in the evening:  sang GAB-i

midnight: TU-ngang GAB-i

early morning:  ka-a-GA-hon

afternoontime:  ka-ha-pu-NA-non

nigttime:   ka-gab-I-hon


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