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Conversational Ilonggo: Cardinal Numbers

Posted on: September 12, 2009

(Click here for pronunciation guide.)

One:  i-SA

Two:  du-HA

Three:  tat-LO

Four:  A-pat

Five:  li-MA

Six:  A-non

Seven:  pi-TO

Eight:  wa-LO

Nine:  si-YAM

Ten:  PU-lo^

Eleven:  ON-se

Twelve:  DO-se

Thirteen:  TRE-se

Fourteen:  ka-TOR-se

Fifteen:  KIN-se

Sixteen:  DI-si-SAYS

Seventeen:  DI-si-SYE-te

Eighteen:  DI-si-OT-so

Nineteen:  DI-si-NWE-be

Twenty:  BAYN-te

Thirty:  TRAYN-ta

Forty:  kwa-REN-ta

Fifty:  sing-KWEN-ta

Sixty:  say-SYEN-ta

Seventy:  si-TEN-ta

Eighty:  o-TSEN-ta

Ninety:  nu-BEN-ta

One hundred:  i-SA ka ga-TOS

One thousand:  i-SA ka LI-bo

One million:  i-SA ka mil-YON


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